32 bars in chomedey (outro) – emdee wright كلمات اغنية

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[verse: emdee wright]

i’ve had quebecer girls, european ig models
with some black chicks in between just living full throttle
designed in a shape of like coke bottles
tried to stay dedicated like reading a page of cr*ppy novels
i know a girl who wanna be charly’s angel
she entertained a stranger, danger became so painful
the way some girls be coming might need a pair of safety goggles
so much knowledge in my verses like aristotle
y’all living life like tristan, i’m out here being single
working on myself stacking more chips than pringles
how you trynna make it big without putting the work in
my family needs to eat even when my pockets hurting
so y’all can’t win the lotto without buying a ticket
can’t get a girls number without taking a minute
been writing dope rhymes before pre teen
had my confidence building like muscles with creatine
funny n*gga with some class but i’m just out here clowning
but still got knowledge to understand why these b*tches wylin
i hate donald trump, but we got things in common
messing with the wrong chick had my reputation falling
these n*ggas still wanna hate when i’m lonzo balling
this girl i had long time ago from time to time calling
didn’t i tell you before that i be bout it bout it
me, my team we the best like we dj khaled
word to ali, i’m finna sting like a bee
bad b*tch from tennessee she sipping hennessy
cartoon network you can’t show this on tv
never thought i get a chick coming from sicile
better respect your elders like a private school
my verses got you p*ssies wet like a swimming pool
lotta n*ggas trynna blow up like the apollo ship
most of these rappers come up short, like the 90s knicks

- emdee wright كلمات اغنية