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1.- singlewords ( intro)

produced by : kaybia
performed and written by : emil2da
this song contains sound samples from : motion picture ”the social network” , tv show : ”it’s always sunny in philadelphia” & tv show ”wwe monday night raw”
lyrics sampled from carley rae j-psen’s ”call me maybe”
mixed by :e.zaga mendez
additional vocals : m.gerin
verses recorded at : studio heritage (mtl) by karl delorme & marc-antoine blais
additional vocals and speech recorded at audio 11 (mtl) by kris laflamme
running time: 3:02

(girl voice)
you are not an -ssh0l- you are just trying so hard to be

mmmmm single words

and i don’t need to explain
all the sh-t that i do
you talking to your god
like the f-ckin ground moves
(oh my god)
the mic is on
and my f-ckin band rules
you wanna f-ck with us there’s
a couple ground rules

its emil2da freshman
please bring the refreshments
i got the hot sh-t that got
white people investing
ain’t that interesting
got some divas wrestling
just to wear my jesus chain now
ain’t that a blessing
i keep on progressing cause i know that my sound will make you bounce
and i see it cause your t-tties trying to pop out of your blouse
(oh my god)
i dont know how i stay out of this bullsh-t
all i got in this life is my homies and my music
imma do it all today
cause tomorrow i might lose it
so you better f-cking use it (better f-cking use it)

how many many times i tried to run away ?
even for a day
but i came back with motivation
im kind of patient
cause im sick in the brain
im on probation
do you know discretion?
those conversations that you recorded
just crossed the border
and im really tired of being a liar
i guess i’ll burn in your h-ll’s fire
have you already done enough
i f-ck it rough
i wash my hands then we f-ckin done
anorexic girls only want to bone
but i always fall for a robotron

i dont need to explain
all the sh-t that i do
you talkin to your god
like the f-ckin ground moves

the mic is on and my f-ckin band rules
you wanna f-ck with us there’s
a couple ground rules

let me introduce myself
and you know what i mean
your body is way red hot
but she was thinking green
she wanted all the money
she wanted all the weed
but i dont give a d-mn , i know exactly what you need so
i ll bring a rubber just in case
marijuana just in case
two more b-tches just in case
i got it all back in the case
paparazzi just in case
set of handcuffs just in case
couple red bulls just in case
and then i knew the b-tch was sayin

(girl talk)

yesh i just met you
and this is crazy
so heres my number

(emil2da ) ah theres the booty call

(girl talk)

we hooked up last night
it was amazing
he said he ‘ll call me

(emil2da) aaah im never gonna call

(girl message)

you f-ckin douchebag
you disrespect me
i ll hope you die -ssh0l-

(emil2da) ah thats a singleword

(speech) (fireworks & champagne pourring)

it what determinates good from bad
right from wrong
but it’s all based in personal opinions
and people based themselves in personal opinions
misjudging others actions
misjudging others efforts
and not seeing the fact that a man wakes up at 5 am
just to get some money for his family
instead of spending it all at the club the day before
they celebrate new year’s eve like they have done nothing wrong
resolutions broken
bullsh-t talking
the fact is
if you don’t work your -ss every day
there is nothing to congratulate


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