021 – emir hermono كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

[chorus: emir hermono]

and i’ll be waiting at the 021 x8

[verse 1: a. nayaka]

i really miss you right now
where u at girl what u up to
ain’t in the 021, you
far away in the 613
smoke loud baby not with me
look fresh in every attire
love you and never retire
i made you a song then i’ll bring u a choir
how your cl-ss been,
are your friends good
got a million things
i wanna say to u
all the timings off
and my wifi too
im just waitin patient
baby u worth the cue

[verse 1: rayi putra]

you’re my significant other
i ain’t lookin’ for another
and when you come back i wanna contact your pops and meet your mother
we can start looking for venues
never mind the value
girl you’re mine and i am yours
f-ck the world it’s me and you
so many girls on the menu
but guess what girl i’m choosing you
i miss you so much i miss yo touch
but i’m scared of losing you
maybe i’ll come visit one day
just to karma kiss you all day
but for now girl i’m just gon’ pray
that our relationship’s ok yeah

back to [chorus]

[verse 2: a. nayaka]

i been tryna tell u things and sometimes u dont wanna listen
thats okay, maybe i should write a song make it big
then maybe you would listen
and if thats just what it takes to get inside your mind
get inside your mind

[verse 2: rayi putra]

i’ve been tryin’ to cope with all the missing
maybe one day you gon’ be my mrs
girl i’m serious
let’s get down to business
me and you gon’ kill it oh yeah

[outro sample: emily devita]

my definition of love
how do i define love?
well, when i’m in love
i sort of prioritise whoever i’m in love with
above me

back to [chorus]

- emir hermono كلمات اغنية