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a fist fight with dick tracy – emmure lyrics

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you know it’s hard for me to accept that i will never have you
you own my heart
that you will always have the upper hand
i ain’t got much left
so i am forced to find a dream worth fighting for
’cause i’ll fight tooth and nail until i’m dead
and i will fight tooth and nail until i’m dead because i am aware
got one life to live, why not take a chance?
she danced around the room
i just wanted to choke you blue (i wonder if it makes a difference)
and i know now that we will never speak
they now see the reality
i only got one life to live
i’m tired of waiting on the streets
time to put my life back in my hands
go right ahead and marry the henchman
and when i show up at your wedding
i’ll bring flowers and a shotgun

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