3:14 am – emseeemotion كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

black obelisk
torment me with thine eye
black mirror shimmer and steal moonlight
a temptation so completing

let the screen stay flat
i send a message in a bubble
it’s truth at the center
it raises up a flotilla of strange characters

do i dare pop it?
my eyes can’t see clearly
the shading says they’re
dimensions tertiary

but what kind of frights would i have?
the birds twitter and watch in the early morn

i yell the words into the still morning

aureoled yowling
neurology wailed
awol gurney oiled

my words are coded
they do not align with my commands
i realize no one will understand me
not even you
the birds twitter in the early morn
i pop the bubble
just to ask you

allie goy rewound

a name that comes to mind, but one i do not know

- emseeemotion كلمات اغنية