listen – endo كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

(verse i)

open the book up
you say the lies come (1 corinthians 1: 18)
you who don’t know grace
where do you run? (revelation 21: 8)
open your eyes
you’ll see you’re falling (matthew 15: 14)
straight into h-ll (romans 6: 23)
and it’s just begun

(verse ii)

open your heart up
ask what you long for
it’s to be loved
that’s no surprise
when it all comes crawling
up inside you
you dream of death
open your eyes (ephesians 1: 18)


you’ll see, the truth
it’s dead inside you
you never learn
from where you’ve been
and despair haunt you
your self-hate takes root again

(bridge part i)

i am on the rock of salvation
where i cannot fall (psalm 62: 2)
i can hear the voice of jesus
listen to him call
i live for and love my saviour
giving up my life (matthew 10: 39)
ignorance says “you don’t need him”
as your heart bleeds tonight

(bridge part ii)

get up on the rock of salvation
where you will not fall
christ can heal the wounds inside you (isaiah 53: 5)
listen to him call
he is crying out “i love you, let me take your pain”
“i bled and died to save your soul and i’d do it all again” (romans 6: 23)

- endo كلمات اغنية