lost in violence – essence كلمات اغنية

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[by l. skov, t. nefer]

h-llshock terror all across the front
scared to death you run with your gun
the enemy is near as you take your aim
shoot to kill so you don’t die in vain
cut till the day your second son’s blown away
where is your honour? where is your faith?
you’ve got your orders and you do what you must
just continue forward and in freedom you must trust

lost in violence – why am i
lost in violence – ready to die
forward over the graves i march without fear
the battle is on – i now see death clear
trapped in the downfall of eternity’s might
believed in the shades of angels light
in these ruins of fallen thoughts my sleeping soul awakes
i now know what i should have done
and what i’ve could have changed
in my fight i’ve realized that i’ve already lost
i can only hope to get redemption by my god
lost in violence- why am i
lost in violence – ready to die
run for your life
darkness closing in
satan screams behind
winds of death
destined to
angels from above
scarred true wings of pain
salvation lies ahead
grab their hands
can’t reach out
destined to die
will to live enforced by my strength to fight
unlimited power to arise
i have only darkness and blood in mind
the only truth in the world is that violence guides
light my path so i may lead the way
i will show the weak what we must change
true evil is indifference in good men
as i embrace their fears it all begins
i’ve searched the corners of
the world to find a reason why
but all i found was death and hate
how come i missed the light?
i stand by the deeds i’ve done
and prepare to live my life
my finest hour smiles at
me as i drift into the night
lost in violence – why am i
lost in violence- – ready to die

- essence كلمات اغنية