12:30 train (outro) – exposition كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...


it’s the last train out
and the last train in
if you miss it
you’re either stuck
or you’re walking
i hop on the last car
on the way back
to my place, it’s
almost empty except
for four weary faces
i see a man in a wheelchair
passed out to the left
i could tell he was homeless
just by the way he was dressed
and to the right
there’s three workers
getting off the big dig
cracking beers out the cooler
on the way back to their cribs
it’s just another night
riding the rails in boston
till i hear
“next stop, downtown crossing”
man * ain’t this a biz*nitch
cause this train
is gonna be stopped here
for like 20 minutes
and i got nowhere to be
so i’m not trying to complain
but who knows
what kind of crazy’s
gonna try to jump on this train
just as i started to think
who comes in front of my eyes
a drunken street dweller
with some sh*t on his mind
he decides to use this train
for his political speech
even though there’s only
five of us
and one of us asleep
he throws his arms to the sky
and he starts to scream
something about vietnam
afghanistan and the marines
see this man’s a war veteran
who’s never come home
his body has
but he left his mind
somewhere in saigon
he turns his head to the left
he sees the man in the chair
and he sees the trash bag
where this man keeps his gear
he starts to look through the bag
he can’t believe what he sees
a navy blue jacket
with army written on the sleeve
he throws it down to the ground
he throws his arms in the air
i thought he was gonna
punch this dude straight out of his chair
my jaw hits the ground
i can’t believe this yo
while the construction guys
are watching it like it’s a tv show
the man continues to scream
in a fit of inebriation
until he hits his stop
orange line * north station
and after all this talk
of being a marine and proud
before he leaves
he grabs the army jacket
off the ground
out the car
up the stairs
and never again to be seen
all the while the crippled man
is still asleep in his dream
i was just reading an article
from the new issue of fader
my mind was so frazzled
i decided to read it later
every night on the train
there’s a different story to discuss
but i just got to my stop
i got to hop on the bus
so peace

- exposition كلمات اغنية