3 chord song – f-pressers كلمات اغنية

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(strange noises)

[verse 1]
halo dad wrote a song
i’m gonna play it all night long
d’yer wanna hear my simple tune
it’s gonna blow the world pretty soon

[bridge 1]
i know it sounds like me
i know it sounds like you
i know you can’t just simply pick a word or few to say to me

[hook 1]
anyway here’s wanderwall

(strange noises)

[verse 2]
oh tell me big man why do you cry?
i know that it can sound so unkind
but i’m not the one who gonna sit and shake
i’m gonna do this sh*t until i’ll brake

all right ladies and gentlemen
right here jazz music stops
and everybody rock their heads
cause y’all look like a ffffff…… wanderwall
[bridge 2]
so i wrote this simple 3 chord song
for you baby, why don’t you sing along
sing along
(ha, ha)
sing along

[jazz break]
well now evеrybody sit down
‘cause here comеs the jazz music

(jazz music playing)

alright i think that’s enough
for you, piece of sh*t!

[build up]
don’t you ever dare touch me right there!
what are you doing step brother?!
how dare are you, b*tch?!
i don’t really like that!

1! 2! 3! 1! (repeat)

- f pressers كلمات اغنية