3:35am – fanny pakkkkkkk كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1: j_pastey]
my b*tch got an abortion
then we f*cked the next morning
i came in her ass without warning
then i said it was boring
then she got pregnant again
so back to the clinic we went
so much cash that i spent
money as god i repent
applying for a new blessing
my b*tch hope in my mentions
one minute we texting
then i see her undressing
then she on my erection
all i’m doing is flexing
you know i got connections
that ain’t even a question

[verse 2: diaper boi]
act goofy for the foreground
collect it in the background
we that hidden sh*t
funnel the funds into our compound
if you mad at our sh*t yeah we joking
none of the bars that we spitting be real sh*t, we just kidding
you must be dumb as f*ck taking this literally
we say obscene sh*t deliberately
and we deliver it brilliantly
making this little bit differently
in the stu with the day ones f*cking up the game
make it rain make it rain
got the moola k!ll the game
[chorus: diaper boi & yung jizz]
f*nny pakkkkkkk coming up
yeah we came to take your lane
we invade like the sp*ce
got a grin up on our face
f*nny pakkkkkkk coming up
yeah we came to take your lane
we invade like the sp*ce
got a grin up on our face (yo)

[verse 3: yung jizz]
let me get my bars off real quick
y’all thinking we can’t write real sh*t? (what?)
man the whole next albums full of real sh*t
give me a chance to spit as yung jizz for a bit (uh huh)
sensitive motherf*ckers tryna feel sh*t (ugh)
while they can’t handle they own sh*t
they be dealing with some old sh*t
they can’t stay focused
y’all finna get swarmed by locusts
i’ve been staying low*key
if you f*ck with my homies you ain’t getting home b
you won’t be lonely
i’ll make your nose bleed (ah)
you a phoney, like jerry, seinfeld
tryna navigate through a minefield
keeping all my true sh*t concealed, like a forcefield
how we finna sign a deal
when you can’t even find us like springfield (what?)
shoutout homer
money in a pile call me gomer
if you find us i’ll run you over in a rover
or a lawnmower with a bad motor so it goes slower
clean it up with a leaf blower
now your casket is being lowered
you were mediocre
this track be over so here’s some closure, b*tch (b*tch)

- fanny pakkkkkkk كلمات اغنية