a story from the bottom of the sea – farewell continental كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

when i was young
i had a dream
that i was floating
in a submarine

i steered it left and right
through darkest days and
endless evil empty nights

then i fell quickly
to the bottom of the bottom of the sea
the sea

and i began to terrorize
the creatures that had frightened me

i came upon an empty sh-ll
along a beach
where an ex-creature dwelled

i took the sh-ll and tried it on
it held me captive
it imprisoned me

i tried to run
i tried to escape
but the sh-ll it dragged me down

i spent the next 300 years
holding my breath until i drowned

everyone will one day hit the ground
why will i run
when i can hide
no better place
than deep inside

hesitate until there is no
the walls are comforting
the sting of skin is sinking deep inside

paranoia’s really got me down
i will begin to sleep
and tell myself i will not be afraid
i will not be afraid

i will not be afraid

- farewell continental كلمات اغنية