anthem west – farewell fighter كلمات اغنية

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with all the things i say
you’d think the world would believe me
with all the places that i stay
you’d think that someone would see me

and all these words i write
and all the air i breathe
will never add up to all the things
that you and i both know i need

you are the reason why i go so far and try so hard
you are my beating heart
you know these words and all the melodies
you know i’d give you anything
just to hear you sing

woah oh oh oh oh

with all the plans i make
you’d think that i would follow through
with all the roads i take
you’d think that more would lead to you

and if the money that we needed grew on trees
you can bet that all the rest of us
would still be begging for a seed


you gotta keep this voice inside your head
or it will fade away
you know there’s not much time left for us now
so won’t you please just say what you need to say
(we’re all so poor but we own this silence)


- farewell fighter كلمات اغنية