317 trap love (freestyle) – ferra ys كلمات اغنية

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kid from the trenches kid from the trenches
i can’t believe i can come up to the studio and start rapping about love but it’s all love anyways. i just hope y’all listen to me so this it

317trap love

[verse 1]
i know babe can never take my heart and let it bleed(no)
always thinking about you that i couldn’t not even sleep(woo)
you always on my mind that i couldn’t even think
i never knew i’d fall in love with you that easily
my heart turn cold even though i was from the street (turn cold)
forgot dumb flows for my love for you is real (dumb flows)
whenever you come close all i feel is chemistry (come close)
your heart pure gold i can’t sell you for living (no)
i don’t wanna talk about the bad things that u did (no)
all i care is about present and the love i even feel (i care)
just be mine forever for your love believe me i can k!ll (yea)
ain’t nothing i can do i can jump into the sea
in love with your all deeds and your sins and the flaws
i’m nothing like the other cos they don’t believe in love
can you promise you’ll be with me until forever comes
you came in to my life to show me way now i can’t lost
you ain’t only my love in my life you’re like my drug
the secret to my weakness is what you hold and make me strong
now i’m never gon fall i know haters gon talk
so i f*ck them cos the bond is really strong

(yeah yeah)
really strong( it is it is )
extremely strong
i know the bond is really strong
(317trap love)

[verse 2]
thank u for not giving up on me even though i’m stubborn
i found my peace in you and everything you’re my comfort
whenever they call on me she be the one to come forward
no matter what she never give up that’s one thing sure of
baby don’t be scare i’m someone you can trust
you don’t need another boyfriend i’m someone you can love
even if i demand for s*x she giving me her all
she giving me her all best she don’t complain at all (yeah)
the love can never stop its from the bottom of my heart
we started from the bottom now look at where we at ( from the bottom)
she got the body of a goddess what k!lls me is her smile
till the end they blow the trumpet you’ll always be my pride
i can’t even wait to hold your hand in front of everyone
and to the family i introduce you as my bride
i’m making you a promise my girl you ain’t gon cry
you’ll be mine forever till death do us apart
the love is so real for you i write i my heart out
the love is so real for you i let my guards down
she got a pretty face my bae she like an half cast
i know she africana but the accent of atlanta (atlanta)
many girls worldwide i bet my lady standout ( standout)
she really different from other everything about her standard (standard)
she got the both essential both beauty and character ( character)
she truly blessed i bet she got everything from her momma

she my slime tho
slime (slime)
slime ( love)
slime (dawg)
slime ( slime)

317trap love

- ferra ys كلمات اغنية