cold soul – flwrs كلمات اغنية

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[intro: love*sadkid]
cold soul you know everybody loves you
even so you can’t see the way you’re s’posed to go
you know everything that glitters isn’t gold
their faces turn to stone

[verse 1: love*sadkid]
the black denim jeans with the small pockets
you couldn’t afford much you wore what your mom gotcha
you took ya sister out chilling out the playground
the local moms around so you went on for a walk
just a stroll you told yourself somewhere you didn’t have to talk
cause all the doctors in the world
just seem to think you need a cott
and all the pills and lack of sleep can’t beat a trip around the block
and you’re in limbo falling yet there’s not a sight of ground
a place where tears may often fall
but all your sobs don’t make a sound
and all the light becomes the dark
and all the hate just starts to pound
upon that lock you set to guard your heart
with pieces never found
and then you saw her there girl you dreamt to be your princess
not one you had to save but one that seemed she’d often listen
you’re getting optimistic for someone you haven’t met yet
but i digress let’s keep the camera rolling the best bet
to progress on the story and let’s hope you have a check plan
but, you’re getting caught up you didn’t notice her sneak up
you were getting so startled she thought it was hilarious
you thought you were anxious then but now it’s getting scarier
you start to stutter grays may change to blue
you can feel the b*tterflies they’re getting tough to chew
you feel like you might blow up but instead you’ll just take flight
and then she’ll grab you with her grace
and you’ll embrace her tiny light
cause she’s so perfect even past the blemish on her surface

[verse 2: love*sadkid]
you can see the soul that’s chipped
and she thought she should hide
it’s so painful, seeing someone lovely get so stopped up
all the shine they bring is chopped up
but you can see the radiance
you just hold her hand
and say you’ll be there through the rainy bits
she just smiles blissfully you think you’re finally making friends
you realize that you’re staring into sp*ce or in her eyes
and then you’re standing all alone
except she’s right there by your side
and now it’s different, n0body is there for you but her

[verse 3: love*sadkid]
you’re falling down through limbo yet the darkness starts to blur
all the words you kept inside in silent solitude she heard
and she takes you to a world and tries to tell you jump head first
but you’re so tentative you forget your sentences
you mumble out regrets and fears
she stumbles down the steps and then
you might go to catch her you don’t really know
but the next thing you remember is the darkness turn to stone
and you’re standing in a castle
this endless fight with loneliness has ended
your problems haven’t gone away but this is the beginning
you walk into the throne room yes the elephants apparent
she’s the queen you’ve always wanted and you’re staring
hoping you could muster up the courage too
take her hand in ways to show that you could never hurt her like
ways that she’s been hurt before you’d put it on your life because you’ve never met someone who could just remove all your strife
and in the blink of an eye you’re sitting back in the park
you must’ve fallen asleep but now you’re falling apart
cause she would stitch up the seams she would light up the dark
you didn’t notice there was someone beside you right in the park
you looked around and she looked over she was looking like art
you recognize her by face you wanna talk but she starts
she says she needs a new friend her family had just moved in
she offers up her hand and you take it like a new man
she’s looking so vibrant, you’re getting all silent
she looks into your eyes and so you finally have decided to

[bridge: love*sadkid]
grow old, even though, everything that turns gray, turns to stone
you know that you want to take it on, you just have a fire lit inside you right at home, oh

[outro: love*sadkid]
cold soul, it gets warmer
you could find what you want right around the corner
and gold falls right when you wanna make a little change
turn concrete into mortar
will you?

- flwrs كلمات اغنية