o.e. – fortune family كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1:hop]
i’m a dog, beware of that
i got a mind, but i don’t know where it’s at
stay awake nights, can’t relax
got a blunt rolled tight, ready to light, hand me that
i’m a maniac, f-ck that i’m a wayniac
with my hat turned back like kaniac
they wanna know where kane be at
and that’s still my homie, i’ll take it back
still hop, still roc like damon dash
full of soul like paint it black
that’s just my origin, i wanna be jim morrison
doors open, i’m a main attrac-
paradox, i’mma name it that
cause you wouldn’t believe what it takes to rap
big b-lls that’ll break your back
walk my shoes, take a lap
f-ck all what you said, and take it back
fade to black

cause they won’t ever understand
just how i feel man
yeah… uh…
no they won’t ever understand
just how i feel man

[verse 2: hop]
blunt smoke
i know
in time
we grow
the places
we go
let it hit ’em like let me see them lights glow
uh, then i hit ’em with a nice flow
i smoke fire and i drink ice cold
i black out and they ask where the lights go
lights on, man in the mask ask twice though
serious, god d-mn are you hearin’ this?
probably go deaf if you catch a full ear of this
i got banned from the land of the pyramids
fans want more paradox, here it is

[hook: hop]
this is the, this is the sh-t right here
i’m spittin out o.e., you spittin out light beer
this is the, this is the, this is the sh-t right here
cause it’s the h.o.p
and we gon’ do it this year

[verse 3:hop]
my lifestyle is
my life’s childish
i live everyday like it’s the last and the wildest
i put the pedal to the metal and i drive it
there’s no tomorrow today, but i’ll survive it
there’s no thought in the game, but i’ll revive it
no point in pointin’ the blame, and so i’ll hide it
but look, hop’s my name and i’ll provide it
i’m not forcin’ my law, just hopin’ you abide by it
i got bias
i got struggles, i got by it
i got jobs, i got hired
i lost jobs, and got fired
i been sick from bein’ sick and tired
i been me and will be until the day that i expire

- fortune family كلمات اغنية