give them hell – fox stevenson كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]
they say i need to move slower
and that my hopes need to be lower
any problems come back to you
and through this unflinching terror
i know that i’ll be much better
and there was time for something new

give them h-ll!
don’t give them anything else
i can tell it’s gonna be a real good night
cause they’ll, they’ll never take me alive
h-ll yeah!
i’m gonna be losing my mind tonight!

[verse 2]
i tried to make it clear, but it seems like they’re nowhere near
i guess i’ll have to try a little more
i reckon that we’re better not knowing
where we’ve been and where we’ve been going
but maybe i’ve said all that before


- fox stevenson كلمات اغنية