333 – frosty the gloman كلمات اغنية

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i cannot relax
so i’m rolling up a big blunt of thrax
thank god for my fam and racks

do this sh*t for them that’s facts
gm be the gang they got my back
if you say it’s up then it’s that
don’t try and f*ckin back track
got yo addy from the snap maps
these n*ggas cap
and you n*ggas believe in all they acts
if they come to my city it’s a tax
all that giving n*ggas passes sh*t wack
all that goofy sh*t i can’t get w that
n*ggas gone fold on my soul these n*ggas rats
all my bro’s they on go we can’t go out like that
thought realm triple 3 got that sh*t in a tat
was gone for a while n*ggas asked where i was at
had to go put in work put myself on the map
she gone make it shake and let me tap like an app
cause she see i’m gloing it ain’t hard to see that
double g on me and i ain’t ever going back
to rocking basic sh*t cause i ain’t down bad
n*ggas say i got auto tune down pact
n*ggas like frosty how you do that

she only hit my line when she wanna f*ck
main reason why i cannot fall in love
i be off the drugs i cannot focus up
hit up meyer and i said we finna run it up
i don’t like how n*ggas steady acting tough
cause when we roll through yo city you gone pack it up
she got h*lla ass i told her back it up
and drop it down for a n*gga and quit acting up
get off my line i don’t got the time
roll up green dimes to it to ease my mind
we on the grind cause b*tch it’s our time
n*ggas mad cause we shine and they ain’t hit they stride
y’all hit snooze i’m up before the sunrise
plotting on what imma do after your demise
see n*ggas think i’m quiet all the time because i’m shy
but i’m really just wondering if n*ggas is worth my time

- frosty the gloman كلمات اغنية