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[intro: fun_f]

feel like god

[verse 1: fun_f]
should l lie to myself
or maybe l should cry for myself
for me to try to get bigger picture
or maybe l should cry for my help
its like lm tryin to write a verse on papyrus
tryna get my body into something like a virus
tryna get my body into something like a virus
hold up, baby no cameras
i dont give a d-mn about a college b—h
usas step on my flourish sh-t
gat my leather pants n-gga so am fly as sh-t
20 years from now you gon cry like a b—h
(coz they) gat their eyes on that black sh-t, blindness
real recognize and l optimize primeness
god feeling let me tell you what it feels like
homie its the feeling that you always dream to be like

[hook: fun_f]
please god can you hear me let these words that l spit have a touch on their souls
i wanna be regarded as the cause and controling all my locus so they calling their god

watchu think l wanna be like
heard em saying n-gga watchu wanna feel like

i don’t wanna feel like all you
cause l wanna feel like a god !
feel like a god (-x2)

[verse 2: fun_f]
see ama rap till the speakers blow
stack paper till these m—-r f—ers start to bow
your chick asking you for tickets to my show
now she worshiping and later you’ll be calling me your god
am just tryna get a piece of my cake
and lames trailing behind so they kissing my a–
yess my n-gga ye they kissing my a–
ain’t look the same when they look at my face
so is there anybody being real out ther
(cause am) feeling like facks tryna steal my share
am tryna get my voice out there
so everybody relates to the raps they spare
they can’t control the level
(cause they) pledging with the devil
what could happen to religion if cain k!lled abel
tehn was a digit who’ll be calling him diamond
only asking rather get a white diamond

[hook: fun_f]

[verse 3: fun_f]
why you always got something to say
these n-ggas leading cause they always got something to pay
so learn something lil n-gga usangomwaye machants
cause this is rap kwete rape w-ngu hatiite zvemaplants
used to put out money but am rapping on my own beats now
chi-town n-gga coming for the crown
no debate on whose the king of my town the place l came from
just the beat and the flow is what you tell from
your girl is on my waist like an apr-n
i gat afro you m—-r f—ers tailcomps
used to cry for you to sign me n-gga blow off
now you wanna side me homie l just laugh it off

- fun_f كلمات اغنية