3 some (interlude) – g4 كلمات اغنية

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3 some interlude

hold me down bit**
i said hold me down till i drown bit**
hold me down like you bout to fall bit**
hold me down like kenner holding down esplanade mall bit**
das hard bit**!!!

hold me down while i’m n*ggy nutting
den get up and pop a plan b, like it’s n*ggy nothing
never seen something so pretty so f*cking disgusting
she made it buss den l!ck it up just like it’s fu**ing nothing
i fu**ing love ha

nah ,she ain’t with the lovey dovey
she here to fu** me
she greet me with the suckie suckie
i’m feeling lucky
she called over a couple homies, just to discuss it
just crazy strawed a big duece i’m feeling lovely
i’m heavily sleeping in the room, i’m waking up to touches, they chocking on the snake that they just found under the covers

we bout to break the rules, i’m playing so confused. i don’t wanna get them uncomfortable
i ain’t nothing like these dudes
they pulling down my pants
i’m tryna keep my cool
2 milli seconds away from changing the climate in the room
i’m enjoying these witches, the stroking on my broom
i see henny, düsse, 42 bottles across the room
i’m doomed
3 some 3 some 3 some 3 some
these bit**es tryna have a 3 some
these bit**es tryna have a 3 some

- g4 كلمات اغنية