live to suffer – gandalf كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

it’s so sad to see the way you act
when you ruin your life by being sacked
you try to convince yourself things are fine
why don’t you just admit you’re sliding to the wrong side

i’ve seen the way you were and the way you’re now
so i’d like to stretch out my hand somehow

before it hunts you down

reborn through pain – or live to suffer
is this the way you wanna live your life
sacrifising your body, soul, and mind
reborn through pain – or live to suffer
no easy way out as you know
but on this route you know where you will go

i’m not going to preach but only make you think
i won’t just stand still and look as you sink
if you swim in firewater you might get burned
so grab my hand before the tide has turned

- gandalf كلمات اغنية