30mg – gener marinas كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...


loaded guns behind my ocean eyes
this 30 mg couldn’t ease these lies
tryin to get me cuz i’m out of the blue
coke and pepsi, mind is blowing and there’s no clue

running in my track with my endless journey
friction of my life, fire in my heart that burns me

thought i’m bulletproof, k!ll me til i’m red
seems to have a choice and it’s a f*cking stupid choice
sky is color blue and it’s just a perfect view
i’m so sick and tired with these b*tterflies in my mind

never know the day when i will return
to the boy who used to have a smile back on his face

30mg, please back on my sp*ce
no more crying, only dying

ohhhhh yeah


- gener marinas كلمات اغنية