a who dem want blame – gentleman كلمات اغنية

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a who dem want blame
get up, stand up, cause people, it’s a shame
dem say dem share your pain
a when you check it out you stand alone ina the rain

verse 1:
too good for dis ya time
feel a pain ina me bending(?), me call me nuh blind
when me see dem a flex, politics in dis ya time
you haffi be a hippocrate fi get da next time
sacrifigation in justice an crime
me nuh the amoki me an, true love hard fi find
the love amongst me friends, i fi me goldmine
always ready, fi face, jah wonders and signs
it’s a hard throw to chopple and a mighty long way to go, with positive movements, a
so we a grow
outa the bad an bless fit, where did we rise up now
you nuh go see me rushy always a move slow
pon those long an sweet i lift meself an nuh go stop try
me slow the wicked man because dem nuh fi get da blight
when judgement nuh come we’re so needle eye (?)
me slip a wave, no run away

chorus (2x)

verse 2:
you’re alone back on the backed feet, drink champagn ina dem tower pon your bleed
you do the dirty work becau’ dem all ina freeze
dem a want-monger, try fi bun peace
with dem read it pon newspapers an tvs, spread real lies, across the seven seas
brainwash education of they use increase
whipe the tears atay your eyes, people, time fi see
babylon always will try fi abuse
but we nuh go step ina no wicked man shoes
got to mek certain independent moves
dem will never ago tell we what fi do, dem confuse
dem chaos ina dem own system, dem ago lose
dem guns an cheeks soonger have no more use- no no no no

chorus (2x)

a who dem want blame- oh – oh- dem say dem share your pain- oh – oh (fade out)

- gentleman كلمات اغنية