3peat freestyle – ghxsty كلمات اغنية

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[intro: third eagle]
*antichrist, he’s not nice
take his mark, you’ll pay the price*

[verse 1: ghxsty]
comin’ ridin’ with no slop, all chop
barely get down when this thing go pop
you cannot keep me out the picture, no crop
takin’ these suckers down to class nonstop
ayy, i am on a roll, can’t block this momentum
ghxsty movin’ mountains, make ‘em disappear like phantom
lucy lookin’ p*ssy, throwin’ down a whole tantrum
point the gun straight at these goblins, hold ‘em all for ransom
i am back in building, living water, get to spillin’ (facts, facts, yeah)
bodies in the back, i’m makin’ me a k!llin’ (ayy)
watchin’ my god flip a beat from a million (from a million)
all my dogs, we be really out and fieldin’
comin’ out the slime, no slip, we slidin’ (we slidin’)
sticks, be throwin’ stones, but they think that we lyin’ (pew, pew, pew)
drip dealer, i’m the plug, i really be supplyin’ (yes, i do)
makin’ big moves, catch the opps, get to spyin’

[verse 2: xay hill]
yeah, yeah, ayy (it’s the boy, xay!)
i told ‘em, “don’t be talkin’ on my name unless you really know me” (woah)
i be battlin’ the beat, they call it young [?] (uh*huh)
i be really in the trenches, man, they know we get this right
i see these demons steady lackin’, swear to god, they ain’t gon’ fight (oh no, no)
nike on the kid, they put the check above me (yeah, ayy)
young xay, he went from little kid, they callin’ me big homie ([?])
i call the bros, you know they comin’, man, they never foldin’
skate on the beat, to show these people how we really rollin’, woah (we really rollin’)
shh! don’t you make a sound (no*no, no)
young man, he walkin’ with the christians, man, we runnin’ wild (we runnin’ wild)
i hear them talkin’ on my name, but they ain’t stampin’ out
they see the team, we really marchin’, yeah, we goin’ out (yeah, woah)
[verse 3: miles minnick]
ayy, ayy
uh, tell me who the heck you callin’ “whippersnapper”? ([?])
i’m make christian rappers step they game up and go farther faster (okay)
i’m a holy bible missile packer
devil run up on me, guarantee that he’ll be missin’ after (yeah, we do)
uh*huh, okay, shout out to the bay (eee!)
nothin’s been the same since the shoutout from lecrae (no, it [?])
[?], i’m ‘bout to take it all the way (woah)
makin’ sure i’m right with jesus, he can take it all away (yeah)
now it’s glo, glo, glo crew, mobbin’ at the airport
laptop’s open, makin’ beats at the food court (woah)
packin’ me a word for you, i promise we’ll release it (promise we’ll release it)
preachin’ to these ladies, man, we’re savin’ all our nieces (savin’ all our nieces)
it’s the* it’s the same old same
ride around wit’ the same old gang, wit’ the same old name
it’s the* it’s the same old same
ride around wit’ the same old gang, wit’ the same old name!

- ghxsty كلمات اغنية