100 flowers – gingerlys كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

i see you hanging around but i’m better off without
poison in my mind, now it’s something left behind
i never thought it would be a little taste of jealousy
it’s you i can recall singing songs about the future

dreams are ways you can connect to life outside a bitter, blank view
hundreds of flowers, you’ve got hundreds of flowers
always stuck around the corner waiting for someone to find you
do you wonder if they’ll bother?

tell me all your lies but you’re stuck in our hometown
sadness seems to drive all your friends away from school
the last i heard you were fine, there is no place without you
even when the storms arrive, don’t try too hard

do you see the light behind you, closing in upon the shadows?
slowly shimmers outside your window
sleepless nights are not surprising, all your words they lose their meaning
hundreds of flowers, you’ve got hundreds of flowers

- gingerlys كلمات اغنية