13th floor – gm كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]
i don’t care if i rock the boat
i’m here to rock the show
stop with the fantasising
i gotta do this practical
learn, master, leave a mark and then go
right now they having problems with my flow
saying: ”it’s a little off”
how about now should i spit it slow?
no hoe could tell me what to do
even if you my bro
so, row row, if you want to be in the front row
actually, imma do this like a fed up rock star and go solo
”so long!”

i’ve been waiting for this for so long
‘cuz my first album dropped and it was lower
than one percent of what i can do
with the microphone though
i don’t even care
most of the songs were even old so
like a referee when hе sees a foul
it’s time to blow and make dough

i can’t pull up with your sh*t
don’t look for secrеt messages
this is just a flow flex
i body beats
it’s in me
like a reflex
i’m next
i pet your head * cute text
don’t rest or wound up dead * fact check
”is it true?” * yes
i stay in my room writing
locked like this beast of mine is
it’s like i’m on house arrest
i’m rising, counting
how much people actually got talent
let’s say * less than ten percent
this is a mountain i’m climbin’
don’t got no rope its fine
man i can still go, have a wine
with your wifey, so stop doubting
i’m not even in my prime and
i am ahead of you and on top like a scalp is
rhymin’ they say its not hard and
when they try rappin’ its sounds like they are dying
pull up on that sh*t, on that g*sh*t, g*sh*t

[verse 2]
i can do the ”summa lumma domma lamma” in my pyjamas
watchin’ ”star wars” while getting choked by an anaconda
i want a sl!ck fit, a thick b*tch
unlimited netflix, chocolate biscuits
they been waiting for this
like gangs waiting for a rat to slip
you can’t deny, i’m one of the illest lyricists
maybe you’ll say an alien did this, like the pyramids
what you missin’ is diligence
meanwhile i’m k!lling this
while doing the jiggy dance, gimme bands

i’m cutting you off like scott pilgrim
you riddlin’ my lyrics, but you still missing them
synonyms * i’m flippin’ them
you got a couple of appearances * sh*tty hits
focused on my goals * don’t need ritalin
my rhyme book needs penicillin
‘cuz i’m so sick with the pen it spread diseases

i don’t need no lungs, even if you put cinnamon in em
go stupid, go dumb, this sh*t hotter than the sun
i smell the blood you know how it goes fee*fi*fo*fum
so fun, scum, come get bunned
hit like a drum, this gun leave you numb
hum your last words, can’t run
when they welcome you to heaven
tell jesus i said ”hi”
after all, he’s my son
went a little bit too far, but i’m feeling so dope
it’s like no man’s close to this level i’m on
it’s like i’m on the 13th floor

- gm كلمات اغنية