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swear it like you mean it – go radio lyrics

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“swear it like you mean it”

hands down i swear that i came so prepared to be here by myself
and i’d be just fine but most of the all the time you’re with me on my mind
it’s why i stay so cold and ask you please don’t go

and you were turning out the lights so he could sing to you
because you want him to, i think he wants you too
and as for me i’ll spend the night a darker shade of blue
and dance with the thought of you
at least until we find a song that we can sing too

and heads stay, tales drown alone but in this town
oh my god how i’d love to tear it down
cause i’ve been thinking about tragedy and how it’s been my company
i’ve kept to keep me seamlessly intact in spite of everything

you came with lipstick and some bruises and another’s arms
and left my world a littler darker, and left my heart a little harder
well you keep the ring, turns out it never made your fingers warm
and at the hour of my falling were you there and did you fall as well i’m sure

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