0 to 100 (freestyle) – gofran كلمات اغنية

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[verse :gofran]
yeah i said it
this game is kim k and i’m ray j i’m first to hit it
you kanye west everything you spit is authentic
before i finish a sentence, f-ck it like am in a spit clinic
i’m fitting my menace, you getting kicked like dennis
i’m playing tennis with your nerves, you getting nervous, bouncing out like bow wow admitted he didn’t rock but pretended
i’m lutanded ,i didn’t mention my bars are organic, i’m sick, you panicked cuz like an asthmatic you pathetic
this sh-t adds up like i’m a mathematic
my bars are illmatic no chill call me a drug addict
my bars are like a snapchat every day is updated
every statement that i’ve stated is real and you can’t debate it, give it to me or i’ll take it
the king of hip hop i’m statin’, i’m satin the devil of this game and i’m staying
call me a chrack head but you can’t call me out, cuz like a stake out i’m always reloading my aimo before i let it fly outta my 9
you waiting i’ll get you dyaleating in the hotel room you stayed in ,i’m mad men
there’s some drama happening
just like karma i’m reflection of your actions
a ghost hunting a mansion imagine hulk in a casket
if you’re the last to spit i’ll make sure it’s your last spit
f-ggot i put the sick in cl-ssic
i’m pac’s resurrection you’re just fanatic
i’m not nice i’m ill
you vanilla ice can’t handle my sh-t
i’m like a fax machine i only put out cl-ssic bars
playin’ my mixtabes could actually blow up your car
that’s why i’m saying i’m blowing up f-ck wounds and the scars
i’m real cuz i do it from my heart
you couldn’t feel me cuz your way far, get closer we getting a closure
ill when l i caught ya doin sh-t that i taught ya
f-ck blowing up i’m getting an explosion

- gofran كلمات اغنية