10 bars – guapchat كلمات اغنية

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[intro: rohan dehova]
this is a guapchat exclusive

[verse 1: hystend]
came in real rockily
gettin’ a monopoly
truck is shaped so oddly
i got it in the back seat
i could sense it audibly
gotta make it obsolete
made it out alive, searching for the archive
’bouta do a slide, ’bouta ride state*wide
so dirty, he a fungicide
tied like a pair of eyes

[verse 2: patrick]
pull up in that chrome benz, dressed in all red
smoking crack like i’m viper, but i’m not hyper*
pop goes the gun when i shoot it at yo b*tch
getting paper like a sales pit
f*cked your girl like a free kick
and yo mama want my d*ck
i might be off a bean, ’cause i feel like yung lean
that be what i’m sippin’ when i’m dippin’ my toes in the pool
your girl know i’m so cool
all these other mc’s minuscule, this rap game like a preschool
[verse 3: vaughan]
soccer, the way i got goals
spongebob, fill you up with holes
i just met a b*tch named heather
call me a stapler the way i hold this sh*t together
under the weather, but i got the leather
no minecraft, ima put you in the nether
down in the dm, you can call me yo gotti
way i’m flushin’ sh*t, call me yo potty
eat that cookie like chips ahoy
9 months later, like “it’s a boy”
i name the kid after yo mama
you know i’m getting these commas
pull up in the game no drama
yo mama lookin’ like a llama
ballin’ out in pajamas, my swag excess like rina sawayama

[verse 4: chrissy]
y’all write your lines, you write your rhymes
n0body moved, move i write, my lines are right, you’re left, you’re right, lights out, knock the f*ck out
keep up, meet up, sleep up, you got got, you got your rest, you got your sleep, you write your lines
n0body moved, you radicate, liquidate, desolate, devastate, pulverize, vaporize, in your eyes
my bad, my fist in your eyes, you tried, you failed, i tried and prevailed
you hop in the posse, hop off my d*ck, actually hop off the posse, your sh*t doesn’t stick, doesn’t cl!ck, your girl not thick, arithmetic, that’s math
listen to the best rappers: vaughan, hystend, alex, anthony
that’s the wrong list
[verse 5: spvkedhustla]
y’all not ready for the kid
i ain’t even get paid for this
we wrangle some snakes, hiss
runnin’ through k*mart, call it blitz
eatin’ some peach and grits
coming with positivity through p*ss
stepping to me, better call it quits
get ready for* to the man of wits
i’m eatin’ some ritz
grandma knits
every time i see some negativity, it makes me want to quits
you sweatin down your pits
in germany with fritz
i’m out

- guapchat كلمات اغنية