club hoppin – gucci mane كلمات اغنية

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club hoppin

started in magic city, ended in onyx
she fine that she goin’ crazy, i’m throwing money
compound to the velvet, i think i’m elvis
i always keep green around me like i’m a celtic
come on to the gold room i be bottle poppin’
20 grand all in hundreds, i’m going shopping
the lane to the blue flame b-tch i get it poppin’
come ride with the gucci man, i’ll take you club hoppin’

[verse 1:]
baby, come f-ck me with girl i’m going clubbin’
thirties above the skirties but they ain’t scrubbin’
bottles, they keep you coming cause i be thuggin’
i’m feeling all on her t-tties, we kissin’ cousins
blaze i wait to the libra, back to the cheater
you know the procedure when i be smoking reefer
my money is doing push ups, is doing chin ups
i vanish from club vaquish and went to pen ups
my diamonds they shining bright
when they in the light
on the life on a sat-rday night with a n-gg- wife
hundred bottles are hundred blunts cause i am a smoker
come with me, i took a fifty and went to scroecus


[verse 2:]
workin’, you know i’m workin’ you know i’m grindin’
shinin’, i’m throwing money, a king of diamond (bur)
phantom, i got a phantom, i think i’m handsome
bad b-tches on my tail, we gon’ go to mansion
come, so i park the rows, and i got the lambo

- gucci mane كلمات اغنية