sabotage – guided by voices كلمات اغنية

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i never ever hear you say
i remember when we used to love
you did me wrong, baby
i have you now
it’s sabotage
you know it’s the work i love

she tried to take me to her world
i don’t know why you tell me now
if this is everything you loved
it’s sabotage
baby that’s the worst kind of love

well sabotage is a thing i’ve thought about
your sabotage is a thing i want to know
i don’t wanna see you
i just don’t wanna see you baby

i have a lot of things to say
you don’t want to tell me now
it’s sabotage
i have a lot for you

it’s sabotage
i gotta lot for you

you know what i’m talking about
you heard a lot of people talking about you baby
you heard a lot of people talking about you baby
yeah that’s sabotage

you told me lies baby
? words are going round
it’s happy when i’m up
you hurt me when i’m down
it’s sabotage
we got a lot of words are going round

(play that sad blues song good for me maestro)
(blood curdling howl)
ooh, sabotage, sabotage, sabotage, sabotage…

- guided by voices كلمات اغنية