30 – gunna كلمات اغنية

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[gunna & travis scott]
…i ain’t hold a .30 clip (uh*huh)
fn hold a 30, blue tips in the clip (uh*huh)
my body swervin’, won’t bust at ya servants (skrt, skrt)
know i hate goin’ [?], i bust on her lip
we the big dawgs and you lil’ n*ggas shrimps
mad ’cause i spent 20k on a strip
neighborhood blue on the vette, that’s for nip
xo, ysl, in the game off the rip
[?] that ho, she gonna call for me
wet like a faucet, i look like a fountain
intense just like arson, in l.a., we golfin’
can’t take no more losses and we steady countin’
i put him in offense and then get it [?]
i’m dressed like a dolphin, thе fish is in town
racks in, walk in [?], feelin’, i’m splurgin’ again
mixin’ that crush like it’s juice in thе gin
stick in hеr p*ssy [?]
i went to houston with travis [?] (it’s lit)

[?] on the camera
got mе a baddie, she give me the sloppy…

- gunna كلمات اغنية