3am freestyle – guwop كلمات اغنية

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i can’t hear
questions for me, or it ain’t money, i don’t care
on yo ass, like when you falling, tryna sit, with no chair
applying pressure, like you getting cpr with no air
recording in the stu and burn it down like i was kerosene
yelling in the mic, it’s putting flames on my amiri jeans
play with paper, pause, it ain’t no station, i don’t share a thing
cause i just dropped a body, like a viedo with jerry’s team
or get up in the stu and burn it down like i’m an arsonist
he rip me off? i’m sliding everywhere, as if the carpet is
and i don’t need no k!ller only i, like i’m a narcissist
this ar hit him, leave his body shaking, he got parkinson’s
silence on the chopper like i’m f*cking with librarians
josa with me, tweaking off the perc, know he gone bury him
vv’s dripped, like you was wearing an aquarium
but i’m taking all them pieces, like i’m simeon yetarian
reposession, ain’t no gta how i be taking sh*t
opps woofing, like they steady chopping it with franklin
you feel me? where my franks, bring the mayor in
press like pat bev, when this clipper get to tapering
lift his body up like he was f*cking with the nugs
light on the glizzy, like i’m advertising bud
must be drunk, think you getting off with showing fake love
promise 12 hollows smoosh his face in like a pug
uh, get it?
stomp him out in these new louboutin’s
more bars here than a fiend, or a jewish son
walk em down, since they posted “he ain’t doing nun,”
huh, bet i will, like i’m cutting up with lou or sum
ain’t money? i don’t want to talk, i’m not typing
i can’t hear that now, like i lost a fight to mike tyson
bad b*tch tried to cuff, i gave her the straight heisman
yea, i stiff armed the broad to the streets, she hitchhiking
surrounded by the drip, need a mask, cause i’m snorkeling
go to bed, and take my piece off, i’m on the shore again
wake up, tried to hit a jugg, but he snoring in
he always ducking, he should get a scholarship to oregon
better ask about me, k9, i’m on my dog sh*t
must a got a mario shroom, the way you talk big
but that ain’t how you coming, bought a stick, but never ball hit
my glock 26 open heads like a drawbridge
g fuel, 100 stam on me, bag chasin
while you in the crib, watching everybody loves raymond
flip it back, i must’ve got a bachelor’s in “low patience,”
ain’t no bartender, if you owe me something, ain’t no shaking
f*ck it, you must be a trifling hoe if you ain’t feeling this
accessory to murder, my producer see me k!lling it
rob him then extort him for his sh*t, i need a million
then flying to the islands, like they hiring for gilligans
all this talk* i need a hearing aid
phone never breaking when it fall, so i don’t fear a case
chopper wet his house, a supersoaker, that’s a eerie k
40 pistol lifting up his hood, it work for chevrolet
ain’t no contacts, if i don’t know you, then back up
heard you working with them people, i’m spraying, if you ask (axe) sum
call the play on the plug, imma need some fast hunnids
like a nice friend, tell em, “thank you for the gas money”

- guwop كلمات اغنية