kisses from my mom and i’m gone – h34567ujkhgd كلمات اغنية

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rolled down windows
feel like joselito
sicker jawan juan belmonte
p-ssed finals can’t stop me
grade last letter in osam
kisses from my mom
and i’m gone

[verse 1]

we’re in nîmes discussing intricacies of afghan kites, watching bullfights
but can’t snooze cause my bruh who construes the beat
gets accused of being a dude who sleeps through arabian nights
but that’s not how we do
the egyptian in my room tired of cairo news
and trying to learn hebrew
catch me at a business meeting
brain cooked in juices like the fish i’m eating
i know this fool love’s fleeting
i don’t know if i’m down with always treating
out in durban hair reminiscent of sayyid said’s turban
kick it on the curb, but still suburban
we’re in countries you don’t even know
and the scent on my clothes isn’t my own
russian fascists got americans am-ssing in baltic states
i’m going to cl-ss, getting altered tastes
fam in the land of lakes
but she can believe that i’m marginal
like margarine, i fake smooth never went to cotillion
so i can k!ll them with cotton clothes but not
close the deal with parents
it’s apparent, like jay z
none of this makes me
like sometimes the sum, the b-st-rd son
of every place i’ve never been but always loved


[verse 2]

i’m confusing like texans interpreting the const-tution
like they’re still sitting sideways with sam houston
in the slab i’m one half physically
and a bit over a third spiritually
and people dying every day
on the street, over the phone
skype, but not in my home
and i would say knock on wood
but that didn’t jesus a lot of good
and i’m blatantly a blood sucking motherf-cker
and vampires die from that sh-t
so just blow that sh-t
spend that stack and hit that b-tch
i want to listen to real gangsters that are fake
not ideas that are scrawny and half baked


- h34567ujkhgd كلمات اغنية