36 bars – harrisondo كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]
i been spinning in spirals
you know that ima go viral
i’m spitting all of these rhymes
you talking like you a dime
but you not
you say you wild
and ima just say you mild
you talking outta the style
no friendships but ima wow your ass
i’m spitting bars
you talking ’bout hoes and cars
i’m trynna chill with the stars
i’m talking about the stars
i mean
put them up in burial
b*tch you is just unbearable
b*tch i am incomparable
just spittin’ nada
i’m taking up flights with nasa
you be flexing all this prada
and flexing all this designer
i’m staying humble
i know that you is gon’ crumble
you fumble like it is mumble
and b*tch you gon’ need some humble*ing
you talking shows? like i ain’t one of them pro’s
my prophecy f*ckin’ knows
ima be on top… ghost
yeah i learned a lot and it shows
that one day i might be great, but for now i dont know
[verse 2]
yeah on top and he know it
thе prophecy show it
he flops then hе owns it
and prop’s to the oldies
like pac he an og
and doc he a goldie
moon man, andré and nas he a poet
i’m frantically showing you
that these people racking up dough in a show
and woah
don’t worry bout the cause
the medication don’t cost a lot
if you on all four’s
and maybe you is an ocelot
you running on floors
i’m biting like it is jaws
you fighting like it is yours
you depressed?
talk about it with your chest
ima help so you can rest
talk about what’s coming next
ima try and fix you up
get yo’ head in the right place
all we gonna need right now
is two chairs and little sp*ce
i’m just saying
i’ll help you but with my brain
i’m built up like a machine
i’m ready for anything
you throw at me wit’ your words
even if they are insane
“i’m trapped up inside this world”
well i hope you feel ok
i can’t help with too much but you know that
i can help you to a certain degree and i’ll show that
all i need to do is get up inside of yo’ lil mind
then i’ll finally see all the sh*t that is making you blind
yeah, woah

- harrisondo كلمات اغنية