1inamillion – haz the kid كلمات اغنية

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you can feel my presence, if you want it you can keep it
these other guys they dont know how to rap, so ima sleep on it
still i rap up on these beats, and when im deeping them
they wanna send me snaps, saying that they wanting me defeated, oh

oh sh*t, haz the kid come in wid the hits
not talking about the ones that hurt you, talking bout the ones i spit

i feel it
i got the rare sh*t, thats 1nnamillion
place a big bet, then i spin like mill yeah
i dont wanna work the money like tills yeah
and if you working hard then your money like some heels yeah
im feeding you these bars like some motherf*cking bills yeahs

do the money dance
fill a glass
do a half
take a glance
i dont wanna do the wrong dance
i dont wanna own it like a mum
just get up out my arm
tryna do sh*t in the dark
try and tell me that you’re better ima just sit back and laugh

these creatures
they wanna teach me
and now say i do the easy way
i dont really give a f*ck ill do this sh*t like anyway
i said my neck my freezing
but nah i didn’t mean it
i left some dirt behind now i really gotta clean it
we sweepin
drugs got me like sheen yeah
i dont give give a sh*t till you mention on my t**th yeahh
d*mn i just can’t really see the floor
i jus smoked up fatty, now i really want some more
i sip up on this tea, then i smoke through window doors
now my eyes are bleeding, man im really high for sure, yeah
the toto boys go crazy, and we bigger than before
spent a couple hours with the boys and then i snore
we do this sh*t every weekend, smokin dopey til we bored
this guy, he wanna chat to me he really want a war

i dont wanna … ey
get off your *rs* and get paid
flows on point you can feel blades
serve this up, like a kid*maid
i dont really care about what you say
when i feed you, man u better pay
spit on the mic but your sh*ts so lame
yeah your sh*ts so lam, yah

spit about these many topics
flows hot these bars exotic
i dont wanna hear you talking
play me like toy: man bop it

and like i said before, man we do this evry weekend
toto boys will mash u up, so man oh why you speakin
me and tj on the grind so man oh why u deeping it
your bird up in background oh man pls stop tweetin
man its peak for you
rap up on my feet for you
thats what i just need to do
next song will be me and (who?)
*you’re clueless
a doofus, you dont know what your doom is (what?)
i just spitting/fl!cking through these pages oh man sh*t outrageous
these bars are really just contagious; covid
man you will always know me; haz the kid this sh*t so holy
please dont speak to me you phony, ain’t a homie
balling like im kobe
haz the kid you know me
haz the kid you know me, yeah

- haz the kid كلمات اغنية