chosen – heather masse كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

she was old like the night
thin like rain
watermarked with pain

her story had been mistold
in her head it was all wrong
her song should have been sung strong

the night was white heavy and dead
and stale thoughts rose to her head

i’m here she said
not for myself
i’m here for god
and god has given me a child
to protect.

her baby with a fever kept her body awake
her dark eyes and strong hands never made mistakes
but the night shut her eyes when she woke from a dream
and the windows opened and closed as she screamed

the moon reflected in her eyes and in his sleep
the fruit of her womb was stolen
god’s child now
to keep

with time they all said
with time you’ll find rest
he opened his doors
he choose yours as his best.

with time they all said
in time you’ll find rest
she opened his gates
and drove a knife in her chest
hoping to meet him
at the end of faith

- heather masse كلمات اغنية