13 reasons – hellxkitti كلمات اغنية

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i need to dive in the ocean, i need my drugs
i get so along the time (along the time)
if i find 13 reasons to live i dont know why
what will i find? wheres the key to my life?
i need a way i can find, theres no way i can’t hide

watching hentai in my room, n smoke up some of my mushrooms
i got an onlyfans so i got the cash, when i see my opps see me they still hit the dash
you can call me ratchet im the squirrel
im playing like im on the phone
always take the green when its the roll
goin all all in in in the row
i dont wear my socks when i sleep, im like the wolf and youre the sheep
999, hit the glock, take my glock to the moon bro
i dont guns when i got the stick, im a soldier just so get it quick
im a loner just a little bit, watch me cry i can’t get over it

- hellxkitti كلمات اغنية