talk to em freestyle – hendersin كلمات اغنية

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i, uh, just thought i’d give you guys a couple bars
team henny

yo, check
i can’t wait for the day i say that they wrong
money on my mind like sam before that stay song
dwayne rock with it, promise i’ma stay strong
keep conversations short even when the days long
rip the beat, you know it had to die
they couldn’t see it at first, they need a magic eye
i always told the truth, no i never had to lie
the industry is cutthroat, let’s call it a tragic tie
i’m just creatin’ a life you could never envision
to make a better song or a better decision
you cuttin’ records but i swear that it’s never precision
and what i have and what i want will forever collision
i write the story to my life, they could never revision
i want the family with me, so it’s never division
to be frank, i’ve been k!lling it year after year after year
can you name a better tradition
show you how to turn friends into foes
songs into shows, get highs out of lows
was just a [?] dream, you know?
working on the flows
the one that everybody’s heard but no one really knows
luckily for you, i’m still waiting on my stars
young simba, i maneuver through these scars
milton s with it ’cause my legacy is bars
real original you went and spent your money on some cars
i’m not here to pass judgment like a basketball
never the first to text, and i’m the last to call
so if we get a chance to talk you should ask it all
was told i should live it up until the day my casket fall
’cause once it goes down, it goes down deeper
i met music like doug when he found skeeter
henny in ya system, pass the brown liter
henny in ya system, i’m a brown leader
lead ’em to water but i can’t make ’em ever drink it
the flow above par so you can never sink it
you gettin’ hyper from these cl!cks, i would never link it
if you’re gonna do better, well, you better think it
next, you let actions do the rest, man
yeah i’m coming for the rings like a best man
more amazing, i am less, man, i made a lot
from my desktop, you dead shop at your desk, d*mn
off to sp*ce, you should really see how we work
i don’t affiliate with scrubs, i don’t see turk
reactions knee*jerk
and you deny numbers lie while you hide behind that counter, you are the clerk
focused on my gifts the opposition cursed
i’m tryna do my best, it brings out they worst
and what you need to understand is that it pays to play
yet you pay for plays, you got that sh*t reversed
i’m talking breezy right now, chicago deep*dishin’
and if you chasin’ a hit, you will keep missin’
i’m doing well so i promise i will keep wishin’
a mill’ i’ma turn down like a meek, listen
if it means i gotta sell my soul
if it means i gotta hide my pride
if it means that a label would really compare me to you
take our pictures, put us side*by*side
if it means i gotta risk everything i own
to advance in this game means i take that loan
if it means that they wouldn’t co*sign, or even condone
the time it takes for the sk!lls i hone
just leave me alone
i’ma make it on my own two feet
the flow fire like i loaned you heat
i’m never gingerly with the bread, i’m nothing like the homes you eat
the understanding is i can’t be bleak
so i can’t be beat

- hendersin كلمات اغنية