in the name of – hideandseekzoo كلمات اغنية

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life, weed, love, and the mics
i found my spot in this earth and it feels so right
still taking each step with caution in this landscape i’m lost in
feeling sh-tty a little less often
found myself waiting for something that ain’t gonna happen
and that’s why i put the presence of now into my rapping
was taught to never give a f-ck unless i really had to
now i try to give one to every person that i p-ss through
never had to ask you and as simple as that
and the reason it’s the past is so we never look back
but i’m happy with the way things are going
i just go with the flow, it’s probably why i keep flowing
never had to tell myself to stop before i crash
turning all this green to ash, and i’m not talking ’bout the cash
never chasing women
instead of losing, i’d rather be winning
but been chasing dreams ever since the beginning
never falling in love, i’d rather be falling out
cos most of my relationships are always filled with doubt
in the name of love, or whatever you want to call it
the only change i see in life is inside of my wallet

- hideandseekzoo كلمات اغنية