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i remember how you looked at me
remember how you smiled
i remember all the sh*t that you showed me in the nights
i remember all the lessons that you tought me for life
you wanted me to never give up on myself
yeah you wanted me to never give depression any chance
now i’m all alone crying at the edge of my bеd
but then you proceeded to
do what you told me not to do
you k!llеd yourself
you ended it all
never coming back home
leaving me all alone
now im writing this song
just to cope with all the sorrow that u brought into my life
there is nothing i can strive for
no one i would die for
no one ringing at my door no more
i don’t wanna be alive
f*ck i don’t even wanna try

the f*ck outside my brain
get the f*ck outside my brain

- hollow كلمات اغنية