303 (freestyle) – holyxcaramel كلمات اغنية

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[intro: holyxcaramel]
they just need to learn
a couple things before i go

[verse: holyxcaramel]
how could you pretend?

starting off slow
but i got them at the end

gotta let them know
bout the things that i meant

not afraid to show
its a scene not a sin

see the message sent

now you getting broke
but am not talking cents

where your money spend
how my money expand
do you need commence?
feeling worry less
i don’t need no press
does it make convince?

saying that you cool
but i see how you stressed

checking all the list
ain’t n0body next

n*ggas talking
but it doesn’t make any sense

now we playin chess
started with a guess

you wanna say no
but you gotta say yes

yeah i had to flex
watching all my steps

call yourself a pro
but you failing on the test
laying to your bros
bout how the story went

why you change the story?

why you telling lies
bout the things that you shoring?

they just see you cool
but to me you just boring

this just a fact
and i thought i had to throw it

you can just ignore it

as soon as i get it
you gone tell me that you sorry

trust me this is how it is
this is where its going

better check who scoring

you already know it
do it in the night
and i can do it in the morning

n*ggas caught me slipping
but they never caught me falling

always check the number
i don’t trust who am calling

n*ggas be clowns
cause they always do the trolling

everybody sleeps
what am doing is controlling

praying for your knees
cause i hit you with the crossing

i don’t need no please
i don’t listing when you talking

she asked me if i do this everyday
i said often


[outro: holyxcaramel]
am not a leader

i just wanna speak up

too many n*ggas but who can keep up ?

am not a leader

i just wanna speak up

too many n*ggas but who can keep up ?

who can keep up ?

yeah, who can keep up ?

who can keep up ?

who can keep up ?


- holyxcaramel كلمات اغنية