143 – hs gunshot kid a.k.a. juicy face كلمات اغنية

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im sorry d.. woo n*gga.. 143

(gunshot b*tch grrt bah)

she carried a body but man i just dropped it n*gga out on the street n*gga woo in a coffin when i started got a few n*ggas stay promised walk on their bodies n*ggas dead n*ggas droppin’ member big woo was crip his name popped but when i was alone door opend no one knocked had to pick myself up one more died as i watched found a few n*ggas that wasn’t my crew clockin’ the walls my time was due treated like sh*t i was a bag they reused plottin’ next hit count one count two makin’ a list for the n*ggas i shoot

woo died, someone criеd, blue lights as we fight

poppin’ a dab put in a vision n*gga was mad but i was wishin’ my name camе big wish a n*gga was winnin’ get high thats how we diss miss the old me were i was gettin’ hit an grab the bag when the ops pull up homicide thats what it was eyes low when the red cross the blue dont be racist n*gga ain’t gon’ kiss your shoe dip your head show respect dont stare at the blue give lip if you wilen crip dont start cryin’ r.i.p my woo butchu dip when there’s a siren

woo died, someone cried, blue lights as we fight

[bridge: over the phone]
d: yo did you check the news
me: no
d: d*mn turnt it on now n*gga…
im sorry woo…
143.. (beep)
me: wait

woo died, someone cried, blue light as we fight
demetrius (etrius..)

- hs gunshot kid a k a juicy face كلمات اغنية