1997 – hunter reed كلمات اغنية

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[intro : lil wayne]
i’m a rapper

that’s what i do miss katie

and i am a gangsta

and i do what i want

i’m a gangsta miss katie

[verse 1]

blacked out cad
lil rinkyd*nk
peel out real fast
72 lincoln seat
peanut b*tter insides
out match the pinky ring
went a got new bag
on these lil singing things
b*tch i can do anything
i can write a verse
and turn around and do them melodies
what h*ll you telling me
i been dope
chain around my neck 97
and a burberry scarf
just for the h*ll of it
i been dope
let’s address the elephant
in the room
it’s evident you finna loose
cuz i am just the best of them
best to nеver test him
you’ll be hanging with thе rest of them
next to fill the void of x
and still my best has yet to come
[verse 2]
never ever thinking like a regular
reck a check and f*ck it up
they blowing up my cellular
sit and eat so much
i can’t lay down
because my belly hurt
throw back
band aid on the face
like nelly
fitted new era
grape 5s
on jelly
fast times with a redbone named kelly
while my yellow bone tracy blowing up my telly
rockstar sh*t
with a mix of macaveli
with mix eminem
mix of lil weezy
man i swear to god
i make this sh*t look easy
man i swear god
i got a flow so greesy
a fat b*tch will pull up to drive thru tryna eat me
fresher than some white air force out the box
i gotta song for every feeling that you got
how you vibing
y’all be losing
y’all be trying
i’m the truth
and y’all be lying
y’all the roof
i touch the sky cuz
i’m so mother f*cking high
name another mother f*cker like me
yeah, you can’t
and i’m on
yeah the race is on
and when you start
i just finished
get my dub and i’m gone
can i believe
or am i free to go roam?
i might just never go home

- hunter reed كلمات اغنية