323 (outro) – hvn كلمات اغنية

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hop in that foreign, i’m hittin’ a swish
n*ggas, they mad, they fell for a b*tch
ain’t talking ’bout money, ain’t talkin’ bout sh*t
hittin’ that ho and i told her to dip
nut on her face, she l!ckin’ her lips
giuseppe shoe, need me no drip
walk me to saks, i’m at the [?]
eatin’ your plate, i’m takin’ your sh*t
seen as a b*tch, i ran with your ho
pockets, they thick, they stretch out your bows
walk down sh*t, my n*ggas ain’t ho’s
too much cash, so she cannot fold
b*tch think she clean, she smell like commode
mary kay with me, i’m sellin’ that cream
323, beneath foot, six
pop perc, yeah, a n*gga been workin’
.223 turn a n*gga to jushin
creep through the window, make some adjustments
(yeah, cash sh*t)

- hvn كلمات اغنية