1990 – ice j كلمات اغنية

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[intro: ice j}
yuh, feel like im from 1990, ice n*gga

[verse 1: ice*t}
no n*gga be testing me make a movie like im from 1990
and shout out to 50 cent cleaner than a b*tch
1990, b*tch

[verse 2: ice j and 21 savage]
throw a n*gga off if he test´s me
black lives matter, on some real talk n*gga
32 zel 4 life n*gga that is ultimate
in that party like im polo g
break my n*gga rondonumbanine straight outta jail
n*gga im icy

[verse 3: 21 savage]
like king von im not from 63rd
94 guns, like in gta
opp crosses me imma shoot that n*gga
crip´s and blood´s ain´t no diffrence
no n*gga we don´t like liar´s
r.i.p 2pac, the g.o.a.t of rap
n*gga im 21

- ice j كلمات اغنية