death – idontknowjeffery كلمات اغنية

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uh uh ya dig
crooked as the team
crooked as a kid
bought that b-tch a weave bought that b-tch a wig
best believe i did f-ck it up again
f-cking with this age, hurry up and buy
baby i’m that guy i’m that g-u-y (yessir)
shoutout bmi i got dui’s (ya dig)
shawty open wide when i took a dive (yessir)
eat that b-tch alive how you gon’ survive (ya dig)
got some filthy head (yea) bumpin’ trippie redd (ya dig)
at the marriott (yeah) in the hilton bed (ya dig)
she had silver spoons (yea) i had silver kegs (ya dig)
my b-tch take meds and she sell jpegs (let go)
my eyes trippie redd you can get ya -ss pegged
you can get ya -ss f-cked sweet -ss n-gga (lego)
back when i was younger you could get your crib egged
how you like your eggs on your house n-gga? beat or scrambled? (lego)
now i’m drunk and high i can’t wait to drive (ya dig)
taking n-ggas lifes with kitchen knives (ya dig)
stab you with a spoon in your afternoon (ya dig)
you’ll be up there with your dead homies very soon
eat that b-tch alive
she gon’ die
f-ck her from the side make her c-r-y
she just f-cked my guy its my turn to try
f-ck a 9 to 5 but you still apply?
all my b-tches cold, let me come inside
i can not reply n-gga i’m unified
n-gga think we tied yeah that n-gga tried
shoutout (?) shoutout shelby drive
yeah i got a check and i ain’t verified uh bad b-tch, bad vibes n-gga i’m terrified uh
is you tryna f-ck i need it clarified uh
higher than them n-ggas who can paraglide (yea)
f-cking with this asian b-tch (yo)
-what she be saying to you?
hurry up and buy
baby i’m that guy i’m that g-u-y (ya dig)
shout out bmi i got dui’s
give me second chance this my seventh time
glock 4 5 n-gga i’m fbi
doctor jeffery, morman he got several wives
eat that b-tch alive (she gon’ die)
she gon’ get the blade out there in 3-0-5 (ya dig)
i know he be trickin’ baby he gon’ buy
talking bout you miss me b-tch i wonder why (ya dig)
cause i’m that f-ckin’ guy i’m that g-u-y

- idontknowjeffery كلمات اغنية