1up – ikezero كلمات اغنية

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determination to the earth
on a journey to the center for the sender
mmm thankful for the dinners and the cold winters
brainstorms had my mind boggling
set a plan, go get it
tribe on a voyage
it’s piles of destruction
it’s miles of corruption
knock down the clouds above ya
let the light in, sun rays
activate my mana
magical magnetic energization
to rebuild my city throwing tantrums
leave the good word with them just to see over time they’ll blossom chrysanthemum
knowledge challengе em
negative bury еm
daring em dive head in for the truth, speak it if they react your the answer
to all your curiosities and questions
proceed for the blessings not the devil in the dollar proceeds in your checkings imma rebel i’ll follow my path to the stars
level up my life and afford tomorrow
use the earth’s chakra it’s your to borrow
move up or floor your sorrows

the choice is ours
your voice is power to destroy the cowards coming for your tower
unemployed a scouter for more than power
no scheming these pyramids fear the premises of awake ones on a flight infinite
resonate perseverance glimpse something
cook thoughts eat knowledge first put on a apr*n
bake one smoke one brainwaves fumble
100 percentage or nothing to give it
she loving the vision
he follow what’s scripted
camouflage but i’m watching uncle sam overseer with demands to my demons to be debris from ether
being a human is hard when your programmed
got consumers bending cards for that coke snare
got people falling victim to that chemical air
have faith, 3 the uni we’ll win this year
1up the (what)
1up the faith
1up the x3 my ways
1up the (who)
1up to peace
1up the 1up the tribe (ok)
1up the love
1up the kings
1up the queens
1up my dreams
1up your life
1up everything

im the saint louis zarutobi
been whippin way before tobi
on my skateboard chillin with the homies in the matrix zero is the one and only
onimusha spirit grabber
90’s console playing pokemon master
quiet yet violent pain is poison color violet
thrashing hopefully the hope can reach an alliance
why they stay lying to a lion from eons to date
setting waves take a ship to relate
whippin test drive playstation
sippin aqua raging
heart fire stay blazin
earth is crumbs greed bit the cookie
hope i don’t add to the plate of fury
can’t mind these rookies they never was on it
pressure keep going
never the less we gone keep going

- ikezero كلمات اغنية