3. shifting – ilia kukava (ilockey) كلمات اغنية

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first time you make a verse, you think it’s the best text and you satisfiedly rest
but next time when you check it, you guess that it’s trash
and the following stress is the main mess
which you can’t overcome cuz you don’t let yourself
that’s because you have a lack of strength
but what you need is to understand
that you are looking at the wrong map
you’d better burn this sh*t down, now, take a new paper, pick a new pen
this is the only way, leaf through the different page – the place of faith
like, today is bad and tomorrow will be a better day
sunnier and little rain, less tears and less graves
so you don’t need to increase something while you should maintain
if you don’t believe what i said you can hungrily trace
but if you guess what i meant then you’d better show me happy face
the signal that you got muscles in your brain
i repeat one day we will all die it’s about time n0body gives us life with paper guarantee to sign
my life is just mine, nothing special. i know i will never have wings to fly
that’s what i have to realize
but this sh*t cannot stop me from touching the sky
i don’t even need f*ckin wings. it’s just the wingless eagle in my mind
with his pride still tears on his face still so sad but still strive
often time is wasted till i decide to try
cuz i am not the same child i was before, the difference is too high
i know i made many mistakes, but i am too shy to recognize, cuz this is what makes me cry
so i am just sorry and i don’t apologize
cuz you want my pride to die, but you will never get it
this f*ckin pride again, and this doesn’t let my power drain away
when the chips are down don’t let me down and i will make you proud
and your f*ckin sound will be so loud that it will shake the ground
you’re bound to tear down a town, then, you are crowned by the crowd
sorry for bouncing you into trouble, but just give a shout and you’ll be out
i’m deaf and hardly hear your voice
so scream so loud that even deaf like me shouldn’t have another choice
because my mind is under siege by inspirations mixed up with memories
but i’m not compelled to surrender i just don’t wanna avoid
when i said i am paranormal i wasn’t kidding i am really out of my mind
this is an inexplicable concept of life where there is no bright side or light
this madness ruptured veins cuz the impact in these pipes is too high but why
because earthly body cannot endure our power that’s why they call us lunatic shy guys
ayo who you think you look down on me don’t be astonished if my tear falls on your cheeks
i will never tell you thanks whatever you do for me i will make you feel
because direct words are liars but action is always real
be sure i will never leave your question without answer i think we’ve got a deal
wrong word can hurt your feelings it’s curable but wrong action k!lls
so before you make your decision honey you got to understand this
if i’m not sure i can seize it i won’t let myself to put you at risk of breaking promise
this is the mystic feeling which is hidden in dreams, wishes to spit at my lips
if my face is in excited state i emit the same feeling that i gained
if you show me your hate i won’t drain it but i will take and use it in the same way
you’re like a boy who has no sp*ce even in his frame what a shame
i don’t advise you to dry my face and make it desert or i absorb you and your aim
all i need is submarine to ascertain if my mind has the seabed
this is how i am going to pass the atmosphere
you may call me illiterate but see my mind, rules are different here
if you drown into it for 10 minutes you feel like you’d been there for years
who froze my brother with so much grief?
you put such scars on his spirit
now i see him full of sorrow, rarely smiles, see, what you did
after all how you feel how you sleep
no apology, for my brother that’s the conclusion
all gossips’ wish will be forever faded illusion
their f*ckin mind will never get out from confusion
cuz i definitely rise and your dream is inversely proportional to the real future
i had a dream i was standing on the top of too high rock
i looked down and saw waves of sea crashing on it but they couldn’t dismantle it at all
few distances away very tall black ship was floating on
i tried to jump out and failed but i overcame everything again ship was gone
so, the eagle needs wings to move and not fall
i am so f*ckin fed up but i don’t f*ckin know with what?
i live in a trash throw me another piece of sh*t of your gut
but be sure one day i will remind you about that when the next ship comes
and you will apologize to me for not believing in my “lies”
i’m just standing with pride and waiting
as long as it takes

- ilia kukava ilockey كلمات اغنية