working class zero – illdisposed كلمات اغنية

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working cl-ss zero
it happened to me
i thought of us – of what to be

you always were better
not careless – not free
and then you end up like me

a lot of pain at the factory
and now it hurts when you wake up
endless life – all hope is gone

end this life

a working cl-ss zero
is something to be
if all is gone and death you see

the poison inside us
is spread by our own needs
a future set to my defeat

and now they laugh at the factory
and lot of pain when you wake up
it’s your life – there’s just escape
you must try

working cl-ss zero
your mama still cries
she thinks of you
of how you died

you always were better
got careless – then free
and in the end you lost like me

lucifer over london
there’s a – lucifer over london

and six six six
it makes me sick
i’m sick sick sick
of 666

[continue while fading out]
lucifer over london
there’s a – lucifer over london

- illdisposed كلمات اغنية