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alone – indica lyrics

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why was i waiting, for an angel to come down and save me
rest of my time on this earth i will spend with my hand in the air, i’ll forever be hailing
and forever i’m facin, all of my demons alone in the bas*m*nt
i’m face to face with the one they call satan
deal with the devil at home that’s a grave sin
and i’ll never get better, toss all the pictures of us in the shredder
3 weeks strong on the bendеr, and i’m sorry for the sh*t that i sent ya
i didn’t mean to hurt you, latеly been feeling like such a burden
my daddy don’t want me at home anymore so for now all is lost i’ll forever be searching
blood drippin onto the floor and it creep through the cracks of the wood and the boards
battle myself with a shield and sword everyday why i gotta go through with this for
strangle myself with the cord in the wall, while i fall to my death i’ll be blessing your soul
deep in a hole and i cannot get out and it’s cold and i’m sorry but i gotta go
you been on my mind, struggling to cope with the pain and at times i forget about all of the memories we made and i miss it i’m thinking that i should’ve stayed
why did i leave you, right after everything that we had been through
gotta let go, but it’s hard and i know that you probably moved on so maybe i need to
i f*cked with my life, cuttin myself on my legs with a knife
wakin up in the night when it’s quarter to 9 and i lay in my bed just wishin i’d die
wishing i’d eat, wishing i’d clean, wishing i’d stop popping amphetamines
wishing i’d stop, wishing i’d rot, inhaling cans put ‘em up to a sock
i’m stocking up on all the xans that i drop cause they help with the pain but maybe i’ll stop
maybe i won’t, i definitely won’t, can’t even go a day, gotta be stoned
i feel so alone, i’m sitting at home, i’ll be dead for a week and n0body will know
dead for a year, but where did i go? n0body asked, so we’ll never know

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